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@Alex mwangi

Film and Theatre writers
Alex mwangi
  • First name : Alex
  • Last name : mwangi
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Kenya
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  • First name : Alex
  • Last name : mwangi
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Kenya
Alex mwangi

Alex mwangi is a very hardworking person and a player in the kenyan entertainment industry currently.He pride himself in working on high quality Tv/film projects. He has done several adverts inclouding the viu sasa where he was the main character. Also in african  telenovela "kizaaazaa" where he plays as a compicated character,"treva" and in maisha magic plus "kina" where he plays as a," barber shop". Apart from acting he is a tv host in younib tv a show known as rising stars. This spoke to his passion for mentorship and grooming young talents.

alex is constantly working to cultivate a powerful brand while maintaining a relatable image.


1.     Main Actor      Imma Ventures            2021                Kizaazaa, Big Brother

2.      Actor               Zamaradi                     2020                Kina

3.      Lead Actor       True D Pictures            2020                Uriro Wa Wedo

4.      Actor              Philit Production          2020                Anda Kava

5.      Actor               Jiffy Pictures               2020,2021       Maria,Zora

6.      Actor               Moonbeam                  2020                Varshita

7.      Actor               Monsoon Creative       2021                Shimoni

8.      Main Actor      Cezmiq Production      2018                 Wrong Turn

9.      Actor Protel Studio                              2018                 Real Houshelps Of Kawangware

10.  Main Actor      G-Pay Africa              2018                I Love You Mum

11.  Main Actor       Magic Galaxy.                        2018                Taranda,Orchad Fresh

12.  Actor Documentary                             2021                Super Bike

13.  Supporting Actor    Cheko 7 Production          2021                Love Gone Sour


Main Actor      Viusasa                         2021

Supporting        Safaricom(Nyakua Data)  2022

Extra                Infinix Note 12               2022

Extra                 Betika                            2022

Supporting       Helb Loan                        2022

Main                 Downy (Digital Print)      2022


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