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The Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre (KCC-NT) in collaboration with Mombasa County, Little Theatre Club, Alliance Francaise,Jukwaa Arts, Swahili Port and Bangladesh Forum Theatre and Art Centre has organized a celebration of the Performing Arts Week and WORLD THEATRE DAY in Mombasa from 18th to 27th of March, 2023.

The Performing Arts Week is an International Celebration of the Performing Arts. The week incorporates different forms of performing arts such as Spoken Word, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film and Visual Arts, providing an opportunity for artists in these fields to showcase their work. Observation of the Performing Art Week aims at strengthening the transformating Performing Arts for both children and adults.

World Theatre Day is an International Celebration set to honour and appreciate the art of Theatre and it’s role in promoting cultural exchange and understanding. This day is marked by theatre organizations, companies and individuals around the world,who come together to celebrate the power of Theatre to bring people together and promote Social Change.

In Kenya, the Performing Arts Week and World Theatre Day will be celebrated in Mombasa to acknowledge the vibrant arts scene in the County and provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage with the wider community. Additionally,it will offer an opportunity to increase public appreciation for the arts, especially theatre performances and encourage further support for the creative industry in the County.

The week will kick off with a series of Open-mic sessions, Film Screenings,Exhibitions, Workshops and performances in different art spaces across Mombasa County, including Little Theatre Club, Alliance Francaise, Jukwaa Arts, Swahili Port and Bangladesh Forum Theatre and Art Centre. Each day will be dedicated to a specific art form. The grand finale, March 27th, is the World Theatre Day which will be a gala showcase where selected artists from the week’s event will perform and interact with the audience.

This event is in line with the Centre’s pursuit of safeguarding, promoting, celebrating and developing culture,arts and creativity through it’s programs. KCC-NT, therefore has the pleasure of inviting you to the Performing Arts Week and World Theatre Day in Mombasa.

Below are the scheduled activities;

For more information, Follow the Kenya Cultural Centre on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or visit their website https://www.kenyaculturalcentre.go.ke

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Derrick Kinyanjui

Derrick Kinyanjui is a Screen, Stage, Voice Actor and Writer He has featured in acclaimed projects such as the Showmax Hit TV Series COUNTY 49 and the Chemi Chemi Players Stage Play PILATE




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