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The assumable scenario to cross your mind once you hear his name is that he played a big part in Jesus’ crucifixion, some might even say he was entirely responsible for it, but who is he, really? How was his life before and after the event that would make him one of the most controversial figures in history?

Fifth governor of the Roman province of Judea, serving under Emperor Tiberius, PONTIUS PILATE,had more to him than we know. Amidst his quest to become Senator in the Roman Empire, Pilate is pushed to the wall by the teachings of a young Rabbi whose doctrines, according to the Sanhedrin, threaten to subvert the nation and have also captured the heart of his wife Claudia. As governor, he is inclined to choose between the demands of an angry mob and the life of an innocent man.

From the 6-time nominee at the Kenya Theatre Awards including Theatre Company of the year, CHEMI CHEMI PLAYERS is once again living up to its mantra ‘Transforming lives for Christ,one play at a time’ with it’s new production PILATE, a play filled with pressing topics ranging from marriage struggles, corrupt politics, dysfunctional royal family, and search for truth all of which are starkly relevant to life today.

Dr. Julisa Rowe

Directed by Dr. Julisa Rowe (One in a million) the play stars Justin Mirichii (Shimoni) as Pilate and Joyce Musoke (Spread Your Garment) as Pilate’s wife Claudia alongside Claude Zatara (The Distance Boat), Sam Psenjen (Kings and Leaders), William Mwangi (Crime and Justice),

Justin Mirichii

Lorna Lemi (Nairobby), Thuita Mwangi (Pepeta), Valentine Njeru (Sarafina), Chadota Sandra (Simba Bazenga), Hussein Amina (Click Click Bang), Mugambi Ikiara (Nanyorai), Kavathe Kimanthi (The Prisoner in Us), Ivy Esther Wanjiku (Cheque Mate), Nathan ‘JB’ Kimani (Kamzungu), Stefen Mwangi (Iron Snake), Raphael Ndegwa (Nganya), Munene Mwarania (Uhuru), Hope Muthoni, Adia Njeri and Derrick Kinyanjui (County 49).

Joyce Musoke

PILATE will be staged at the Oshwal Academy (Jr. High Auditorium) 1st Parkland Avenue on Friday 31st March 7:00pm, Saturday 1st April 2:00pm and 6:00pm and Sunday 2nd April 4:00pm this weekend.


  • Advance Tickets: Kshs 1500
  • At the gate: Kshs 2000
  • Flash Sale (Valid Until Today Midnight): CouplesKshs 2600, Groups of 4Kshs 5000, Groups of 5Kshs 6000, Groups of 10Ksh 11000

Witness the story of Pontius Pilate’s rise to Power. Purchase Your Tickets Now on the link below


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Since it’s inception on October 2015, the Kalasha International Television and Film Market organized by the Kenya Film Commission has become a hub set to gather, discuss, exchange, collaborate,share stories and develop new business opportunities and as a result becoming a popular event in the country’s Film and Television Industry.

Best known for it’s pitching sessions which have become a favorite for upcoming Filmmakers, the event also necessitates high-level interaction with commissioners,Directors, Producers, Scriptwriters, Network groups, Television Channels, Mobile Operators, Distributors to exchange knowledge on New Programs and develop policies alongside side events such as; Workshops and Trade Show.

Kalasha Film and TV Market booths

In the spirit of trading content, partnering in opportunities, networking, connecting with fellow industry professionals, learning from experts and exploring the latest trends in Film and Television, join us at KICC (Tsavo Ballroom) on the 29th to the 31st of March 2023 as we here at Sanaa Post showcase what we’ve been up to including our online masterclass program; Sanaa Academy and many more.

Tupatane at the 6th Edition of the Kalasha International Television and Film Market.

For online masterclasses in arts, visit>>>https://academy.sanaapost.com/

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We enter a theatre auditorium expecting great performances, amazing sets, stunning lights, features that make every theatre experience special. This particular one had all that and something entirely different.

Showcased at the Goethe-Institut on Friday 24th March 2023, ROOTS, a one hander performance produced by Maabara Initiative, written, directed and starring Wanjiku Mwawuganga was a trip down her family tree in historical context which brought us up close and personal with Mwawuganga’s experience with motherhood in connection to her Mother’s (Maitū) and her Grandmother’s (Cūcū) approach to it back in the day.

Mwawuganga also shared the challenges, flaws and lessons learnt during her post partum period.

When I said ‘something entirely different’,this is what I meant; On arrival, photos filled with beautiful moments of Mwawuganga’s life as well as her family’s were handed out to the audience and during the show, some of them were projected and Mwawuganga had a one on one interaction with a few members of the audience describing the moments in the photos.

The props and set symbolized different aspects and people throughout the piece in an undeniably elaborate way, from shukas worn by Mwawuganga symbolizing Maitū and Cūcū, to stunning lights that brought upon different moods in the piece.

I for one feel privileged to have watched the piece and also grateful to Mwawuganga for not only showcasing her personal and insightful journey but also bringing us on board.

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The Kenya Cultural Centre incorporating Kenya National Theatre (KCC-NT) in collaboration with Mombasa County, Little Theatre Club, Alliance Francaise,Jukwaa Arts, Swahili Port and Bangladesh Forum Theatre and Art Centre has organized a celebration of the Performing Arts Week and WORLD THEATRE DAY in Mombasa from 18th to 27th of March, 2023.

The Performing Arts Week is an International Celebration of the Performing Arts. The week incorporates different forms of performing arts such as Spoken Word, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film and Visual Arts, providing an opportunity for artists in these fields to showcase their work. Observation of the Performing Art Week aims at strengthening the transformating Performing Arts for both children and adults.

World Theatre Day is an International Celebration set to honour and appreciate the art of Theatre and it’s role in promoting cultural exchange and understanding. This day is marked by theatre organizations, companies and individuals around the world,who come together to celebrate the power of Theatre to bring people together and promote Social Change.

In Kenya, the Performing Arts Week and World Theatre Day will be celebrated in Mombasa to acknowledge the vibrant arts scene in the County and provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work and engage with the wider community. Additionally,it will offer an opportunity to increase public appreciation for the arts, especially theatre performances and encourage further support for the creative industry in the County.

The week will kick off with a series of Open-mic sessions, Film Screenings,Exhibitions, Workshops and performances in different art spaces across Mombasa County, including Little Theatre Club, Alliance Francaise, Jukwaa Arts, Swahili Port and Bangladesh Forum Theatre and Art Centre. Each day will be dedicated to a specific art form. The grand finale, March 27th, is the World Theatre Day which will be a gala showcase where selected artists from the week’s event will perform and interact with the audience.

This event is in line with the Centre’s pursuit of safeguarding, promoting, celebrating and developing culture,arts and creativity through it’s programs. KCC-NT, therefore has the pleasure of inviting you to the Performing Arts Week and World Theatre Day in Mombasa.

Below are the scheduled activities;

For more information, Follow the Kenya Cultural Centre on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages or visit their website https://www.kenyaculturalcentre.go.ke

Tukutane #MombasaPerformingArtsWeek #SanaaRising

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Filled with glitz and glamour, the 4TH EDITION of the WOMEN IN FILM AWARDS GALA 2023 held at the KENYA NATIONAL THEATRE was nothing short of successful.

Prowess and Excellence took over the event as exceptional women who defied boundaries in the Film Industry were awarded for the groundbreaking work they’ve accomplished for the past year despite rolling challenges over the past year.

‘Through the eyes of the woman filmmaker: Celebrating Creativity and Diversity’, The Gala did live up to it’s theme with the following winners being celebrated;

  1. Best Actress in a Film- MUMBI MAINA
  2. Best Actress in a TV Drama- FOI WAMBUI
  3. Best Actress Kids Category- STYCIE WAWERU
  4. Best Director (Film)- JOAN KABUGU
  5. Best Director (TV Drama)- GRACE KAHAKI
  6. Best Editor- MKAIWAWI MWAKABA
  7. Best Set Designer- TEMKO LAVINDA
  8. Best Animator- NADDYA OLUOCH
  9. Best Make Up Artist- JENNIFER MKILO
  10. Best Assistant Director- PENINAHROSE NJOKI (PR)
  11. Best Producer (Film)- DENISE KIBISU
  12. Best Producer (TV Drama)- MILICENT OGUTU
  13. Best Costume Designer- MERCY MWENDE K.
  14. Best Producer (Documentary)- AYISTO OWENDI
  15. Best Digital Content Creator- MAMMITTO EUNICE
  16. Best Cinematographer- MWENDE RENATA
  17. Best Newcomer Producer- DR. CAROLINE NJUGUNA
  18. Best Scriptwriter (Film)- MONA OMBOGO
  19. Best Scriptwriter (TV Drama)- MERCY MUTISYA
  20. Best Script Supervisor- SAMANTHA M. NJOROGE
  21. Best Director Student Film- SANDRA D. APONDI
  22. Best Location Sound Recordist- JOSEPHINE OBUDO
  23. Best Sound Designer- AYANNA GITAU
  24. Most Infulential Woman Filmmaker- WANJIRU KINYANJUI

Congratulations to all the winners and with the gala capping off it’s 4th Edition in such a memorable way, it’s now up to the woman filmmaker to take it up a notch so as to make the Women In Film Awards 5TH Edition possible.

Full album of the red carpet and Awardees

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Through the Eyes of the Woman Filmmaker: Celebrating Creativity and Diversity.

Since it’s inception on March 4th 2020, the WOMEN IN FILM AWARDS mission in bringing women Filmmakers together and provide a space where the diversity of women Filmmakers in Kenya are recognized and celebrated has no doubt changed the Film Industry for the better.

“There’s a need for a festival that affords women Filmmakers of any background the chance to be showcased in a truly empowering light.” Dr. Susan Gitimu (Founder, WIFA)

Dr. Susan Gitimu
Dr. Susan Gitimu

Although much has been achieved since 2020, the Awards still aim to attain the following objectives;

  • To celebrate women Filmmakers
  • To empower women to embrace film-making
  • To encourage women Filmmakers present the world as they experience it through filming it
  • To create a market linkage for women Filmmakers and the larger market for film i.e Distributors (Online, mobile,TV and local retail market) and consumers/viewers.


Awards Director

Dr. Susan Gitimu
Dr. Susan Gitimu

Dr. Susan Gitimu is the director Beyond the Film(BTF). She is also a lecturer at Kenyatta University in the department of Communication, Media, Film and Theatre Studies.

Awards Organizer

Mukami Maina
Mukami Maina

Mukami Maina is an upcoming film producer and a graduate of Kenyatta University with a degree in film and theatre studies. She is passionate about writing authentic African stories especially those that revolve around women and children.

Awards Coordinator 

Peninah Wanjiru-Azmina
Peninah Wanjiru-Azmina

Peninah Wanjiru-Azmina is a video editor and photographer. She is also a lecturer at KCA University. She is passionate about empowering the African storytellers. She is pursuing her masters in film at Kenyatta University.

When it comes to appreciating exceptional projects by women,this year’s edition is no exception. Click on the link below to check out the list of nominees to be celebrated this year https://sanaapost.com/women-in-film-awards-nominations/

The Nominees list was overseen by a jury of Women Filmmakers with vast experience in the Film Industry, they include;

Suki Wanza Nyadawa
Suki Wanza Nyadawa

Suki Wanza is a stage and screen actress par-excellence who has starred in many acclaimed productions. She has starred in the Kalasha Film and TV Awards 2020 nominated film “Midlife Crisis” and “Sisters Alone” by Legacy Arts and Film Lab, the TV series “KINA” on Maisha Magic Movies by Zamaradi Productions, “MaEmpress” by PHILIT productions, “Masaibu ya Njugush” by Njugush Creatives among others. On stage, she has acted in the award winning stage play, “Too Early for Birds: Brazen Edition” and “Contract Love: The Musical”. She has written and produced ‘Home Away’ a stage play and directed ‘Quarantine’ a short film.

Suki is currently an adjunct lecturer at KCA University teaching units in theatre and film. She is also a curriculum developer and conceptualises modules for teaching. Suki also trains pre-teen children in theatrical productions specifically in acting, improvisation and basic dancing.

Ms Wanza is the vice secretary at the Nakuru Players Society for the last 3 years and is incharge of correspondence and communication. She has been a member at the Nakuru Players Theatre since her high school years and acted in many acclaimed productions by renowned directors.

Ms Nyadawa is an expert in community theatre and community development and enjoys working on programmes addressing Youth and community development issues.

Suki Wanza is co-founder and festival coordinator of the Lake International Panafrican Film Festival (LIPFF)which promotes and celebrates films done in African Langauges. She is also chief jury at the Women In Film Awards (WIFA).


Emmah Kibunja
Emmah Kibunja

Emmah Kibunjah a lady of many hats and hearts, is a film producer, production manager, director, writer, art director, and actress. Her unending passion for the film industry is what has driven her to work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. She has worked in the theater and film industry for more than a decade and through that she has acquired vast experience and skills.

Joyce Arigi
Joyce Arigi

Joyce Arigi has a great understanding when it comes to the  production process having worked with various organizations in various capacities and starting her own production company: Royal media services (kenya )as a line producer /creative team for over ten years in the longest TV comedy in kenya (papa shirandula), Khanga Rue Media (TZ) in partnership with Princeton university as a continuity in shooting of behavioral change short films in oyugis and kibera, a consultant for Film Aid International(Kakuma /Dadaab ) mentoring refugees in a six part series sandstorm 1 and sandbox 1 in relation to expatriation and inclusion of urban refugees within the UNHCR and training in makeup/wardrobe/art and script supervision.Worked with PROJECT ELIMU as a producer for” THE VOICES” putting up a ballet dance show in the slums with 144 children from kibera in conjunction with KULYCK FOUNDATION – Poland. Produced and documented “EXCHANGE PROGRAM” a MSICHANA KURIA (KURIA) and MAD SISTERS (KIBERA) in their teenage exchange program from rural to urban for 14 weeks. Co-produced with RONA FOUNDATION “More Than a widow” which got a nomination at the lake international pan African film festival in Kenya 2019 best film on social change. She Produced, wrote and directed the feature film “Angels of Nyalenda” which bagged nominations at the Rwanda International Film Festival (RIMA 2020),CAMIFF 2018 AND LIPFF. Produced and Directed” Phenny Awiti Uncensored” an educative You Tube show on living with HIV Aids.Currently producing two feature films “Isiiro” a Luhya /English feature film on true friendship and “Tipo” a feature film on education empowerment, family values and mistakes that breaks a home. Creative coordinator ONE BILLION RISING KENYA.

Agnes Kola

Agnes Kola

Agnes Kola is an award winning Assistant Director having won the award of Best Assistant Director at Women in Film Awards 2022. She also featured in a top hundred Women in leadership newsletter. She is currently working at Philit Productions .Among the shows that she has done includes ; Anda Kava, Hullabaloo Estate which airs on Maisha Magic East and Maisha Magic plus, Grand Little Lie and Click click bang. She was the Assistant Producer Ma Empress which is currently on Showmax.Other shows she has done as a freelance Assistant Director includes; The Real Housewives of Nairobi- Showmax, Kijani – Maisha Magic movies, Birthday live and Nguu za jadi.

She has also done commercials such as Fresh Pro as the Producer and Safaricom Jichanue as the Assistant Director, Pata Chanjo as Second Assistant Director.

She has worked with Silverscreen Nigeria as a second Assistant Director in their film Enough of the Silence. She was also the second Assistant Director Igiza which is also airing on Showmax.

She is a theatre enthusiast, and in Kenya Theatre Awards 2022 she was nominated as BEST Female Supporting Actress in a Musical.

She previously worked at the Department of film services- Nairobi as the Assistant Director having done documentaries such as , SRC, SGR, KURA,KeNHA. She is a blog Writer and a story teller.


Wixx Mangutha
Wixx Mangutha

Wixx Mangutha is a visual storyteller, she creates relatable videos using different objects in order to interact with her audience while conveying a positive African message. She has amassed: 34k+ followers on Instagram, 20k+ followers on Tiktok and 6k+ subscribers on YouTube while growing her audience through her audio-visual products.

Daisy Nyawira
Daisy Nyawira

Daisy Nyawira is a Counselling Psychologist and Hollywood trained producer, Passionate about the proliferation of well told African stories.

The WOMEN IN FILM AWARDS GALA will be held on the 8th of March 2023 at the Kenya National Theatre from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Tukutane WIFA



A night of theatrical prowess aimed to celebrate stage excellence, the KENYA THEATRE AWARDS 2023 finally took place on Thursday the 23rd of February and it was nothing short of a success.

The ceremony’s 2nd Edition was held to honour outstanding Productions, Artists and the Legacy of practitioners who have become Icons while encouraging and celebrating a blend of Innovation and Excellence in theatre production.

Hosted by Brian Aseli and Kerry Kagiri, the event was attended by the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts,Ababu Namwamba who has played a vital role in the recently formed Talanta Hela Institute.

Cabinet secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba
Cabinet secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba

As a way of keeping up to date with the theatrical progress in the country, this year’s Edition conducted a statistical analysis consisting of data which reflect the huge significance productions from the past year have had for the Theatre space. As announced by the Kenya Theatre Awards Chairman Fedari Oyagi, here are some of the statistics documented;

  • 101 Theatre Companies present in Kenya
  • 176 productions showcased last year
  • The 176 productions were showcased 511 times last year and before the awards
  • 85% of the productions showcased were watched by the jury
  • 482 shows were done in Nairobi
  • 80 productions created 2227 jobs

From a 1970’s inspired dance to a Fire and Ariel dance performance, the event was filled with electrifying performances from; Origins (1970’s inspired dance), Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (Folk Song),Fire and Ariel dance by Misenda from KCA University and Ngaahika Ndeda inspired dance.

ORIGINS dance performance
ORIGINS dance performance

Celebrating stellar performances being the main goal,Ben Ngobia, the KTA Jury Chairperson clarified what is considered in making the nominees list, “Most of you ask, when we come to watch your shows what are we looking at? Basically, we’re looking at the stories you’re telling us, the scripting techniqui, the plots, the Acting, the Dialogues, Production Design. We’re looking at sound and lighting design, the spectacle on the stage that you’re presenting to us, we’re looking at the stage management and how the entire shows are produced because at the end of the day this is a professional award ceremony so we want to see the professionalism in these productions.”

The ceremony was defined by awarding the artists who left a mark in audiences hearts by their performances and also the brilliant work done by the crew members in their crucial departments. The winners of the Kenya Theatre Awards 2023 are as follows;

  1. Best Adaptation  – The Manic Monologues
  2. Best Breakthrough Female Performer  – Nyokabi Macharia
  3. Best Breakthrough Male Performer – Dadson Gakenga
  4. Best Children’s Play  – Kesho Amahoro Youth Theatre Kenya
  5. Best Costume Design  – Christina Baya and Philine Olesi (Mekatilili wa Menza)
  6. Best Dance Theatre Circus – Sarakasi Trust (Mother Nature)
  7. Best Director  – Stuart Nash (I Will Marry When I Want/Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  8. Best Female Performance in a Solo Production – Dr. Zippy Okoth (Side Chic Wife)
  9. Best Kikwetu Production (Vernacular Shows) – Nairobi Performing Arts Studio (Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  10. Best Lighting Design – Alacoque Ntome (Mekatilili wa Menza)
  11. Best Male Performance in a Solo Production – Martin Kigondu (Supernova)
  12. Best Musical Score, Arrangement or Adaptation – Noah Akintade (I Will Marry When I Want/Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  13. Best Musical Theatre Production – Woodcreek School (Mekatilili wa Menza)
  14. Best Original Choreography in a Musical/Play – Sam Njenga Githongo (Mekatilili wa Menza)
  15. Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role (Play) – Clare Wahome (The Dying Need No Shoes)
  16. Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Monologue – Wakio Mzenge (The Manic Monologues)
  17. Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role (Play) – Nixsha Shah (Speak Their Names)
  18. Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role (Play) – Bilal Mwaura (I Will Marry When I Want/ Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  19. Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Monologue – Charles J Ouda (The Manic Monologues)
  20. Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role (Play) – Cyprian Osoro (Coast of Living)
  21. Best Playwright – Original Script – Martin Kigondu (Supernova)
  22. Best Producer – Stuart Nash (I Will Marry When I Want/Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  23. Best Production – Nairobi Performing Arts Studio
  24. Best Set Design – Lewis Kavoi Xavier and Jairo Obege (Mekatilili wa Menza)
  25. Best Sound Design – Ambrose Kimani (Supernova)
  26. Best Spoken Word Production – Mufasa For President- Mufasa Poet
  27. Best Stage Managed Production – Mercy Wangui (I Will Marry When I Want/Ngahiika Ndeenda)
  28. Best Stand Up Comedy Production – Astar Productions (Manmade Woman)
  29. Best Story – telling Production – Cmg Poshmedia (Something Must Kill A Man)
  30. Best Two-hander Production – Shorts From Africa (How to have an affair: A cheaters guide)
  31. Best University/ College Theatre Group – Kenyatta University
  32. Theatre Company of the Year – Heartsrings Entertainment
  33. Jury’s Special Award  – Dance Into Space
  34. World Impact Award – Ngugi wa Thiong’o
  35. World Impact Award – Ogutu Muraya
  36. Lifetime Achievement Award – Annabel Maule
  37. Ushirika Award – Creative Arts Spaces in Kenya (CASiK)Kenya Theatre Awards Winners 2023

Kenya Theatre Awards Winners 2023

In an effort to expand the Theatre space, the Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba gave a clear explanation of what the Talanta Hela Council stands for as far as art is concern which is to monetize the space so as to make Theatre a career worth pursuing for aspiring artists. The Cabinet Secretary also revisited the plan of renovating the Kenya National Theatre and reassured that it will commence soon.

Cabinet secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba
Cabinet secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, Ababu Namwamba

The ceremony indeed accomplished it’s mission since Theatre has become a part of the conversation regarding Artistic growth.

Congratulations to all the winners and it’s all up to this year’s productions to take it up a notch so as to celebrate again next year for another 12 months of theatric excellence.


A full gallery of the Red Carpet and the Awards’ Ceremony

For online masterclasses on the arts, visit >>>> https://academy.sanaapost.com/



Experience Difference

Founded by Peter Pages Bwire,

Peter Pages Bwire
Peter Pages Bwire

the KITALE FILM WEEK is a week long film festival set to position Film as a strategic factor for sustainable development in Trans Nzoia. The festival organizers include young men and women born and raised in Kitale, some of whom have worked at the top of the film industry in Kenya and abroad.

The Film Week involves Screenings, Events, Workshops and Awards to celebrate and enhance artistic collaboration between Kenya and other parts of the world


As a part of the Festival, Films and Short Films from Kenya, Uganda and other parts of the world are set to be screened, here are the Films to look forward to at the festival;

Feature Films

  • THE TEST Uganda 2022
  • WHO CARES? Kenya 2020
  • KIAPO Kenya 2021
  • JARAMANDIA Kenya 2022
  • CHANGUO Kenya 2022
  • BEAUTIFUL Uganda 2021
  • LAILAH Uganda 2019
  • BROKEN MIRROR Kenya 2022
  • ZUENA Kenya 2022
  • PRICKLY ROSES Uganda 2020
  • KONY: ORDER FROM ABOVE Uganda 2018

Short Films

Short Film List


To celebrate Filmmakers from both Kenya and Uganda, the Festival is set to hold awards and the nominees are as follows;

Best Film

  • CHAGUO Kenya 2022
  • THE TEST Uganda 2022
  • ZUENA Kenya 2022
  • KONY: ORDER FROM ABOVE Uganda 2018
  • LAILAH Uganda 2019

Best Short Film

  • CHRISTMAS LOVE Kenya 2021
  • BLURRED Kenya 2020
  • THE HEART BEAT Uganda 2020
  • AUTOMEDIC Kenya 2020
  • ONCE UPON A TIME Uganda 2022

Best Screenplay

  • CHANGUO Kenya 2022
  • KONY: ORDER FROM ABOVE Uganda 2018
  • LAILAH Uganda 2019
  • THE TEST Uganda 2022
  • ZUENA Kenya 2022

Best Documentary

  • FOREVER HOME Kenya 2022
  • MIEZI KUMI Kenya 2022

Best Cinematography

  • THE TEST Uganda 2022
  • BLURRED Kenya 2020
  • FOREVER HOME Kenya 2022
  • SUPASTAZ Kenya 2022
  • ONCE UPON A TIME Uganda 2022

Best Editing

  • ZUENA Kenya 2022
  • THE TEST Uganda 2022
  • AUTOMEDIC Kenya 2020
  • BLURRED Kenya 2020
  • KONY: ORDER FROM ABOVE Uganda 2018
Festival Jury
Festival Jury


Regional Film Screenings
Regional Film Screenings

Opening Night: Zuena Screening

Environmental Conservation and Climate Justice Screening Event
Environmental Conservation and Climate Justice Screening Event

Special Screening For Active Citizens with Adelle Onyango
Special Screening For Active Citizens with Adelle Onyango



Free Training on Film Production
Free Training on Film Production

Screenwriters' Lab with Oprah Oyugi
Screenwriters’ Lab with Oprah Oyugi

The Festival is set to run from the 19th To The 26th Of February, for more information and updates visit the Kitale Film-Week website http://kitalefilmweek.org




Through a gazette notice by the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, the Arts, and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, the TALANTA HELA COUNCIL and it’s committees were announced.

Ababu Namwamba
Ababu Namwamba

The council consisting of Two committees one for sports and another for the creatives will be led by The Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba and will also include the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Sports, the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Youth Affairs and the Arts, the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Basic Education, and representatives from the Council of Governors

Set to last for three years the council also includes notable figures in sports and creative sectors consisting of;

  • David Langat
  • Debra Mallowah
  • Abraham Kipyego Mutai
  •  Charles Gacheru
  • Claudia Naisabwa Leshomoo
  • Nobert Ouma
  • June Chepkemei
  • Dennis Itumbi

The Sports Technical Committee is led by Carol Radull

Carol Radull
Carol Radull

as Chairperson and comprises of 11 members. The members are;

  • Boniface Ambani
  • Julius Kiplagat Yego
  • Neddy Kutsuru
  • Alfred Makotsi
  • Sammy Tiyoi Shollei
  • Collins Kale
  • Kevin Mutai
  • Shilovelo Winna Shilavula
  • Daniel Nakeor Losiru
  • Staicy Shariffa Ochieng

The committee will be responsible for promoting the growth of sports, supporting the Kenya Academy of Sports, using technology to identify and nurture talent, establishing a framework to monetize sports and expand employment opportunities, managing the annual bottom-up football tournament, and supporting the Harambee Stars and Harambee Starlets in their respective pursuits.

The Creatives Technical Committee is led by Daniel Ndambuki (Churchill)


as Chairperson and comprises of 10 members, including;

  • Akinyi Odongo
  • Jimmi Gathu
  • Catherine Kamau (Kate Actress)
  • Esther Akoth (Akothee)
  • Kizito Makhande
  • Azziad Nasenya
  • Rosemary Wahu Kagwi
  • Awadhi Salim Awadhi
  • Douglas Kipkirui Langat
  • Susan Ekasiba

The committee will be responsible for proposals related to the collection and distribution of royalties, implementing the National Creatives Economy Plan, managing the National Creatives Awards, monetizing the creatives sector, upgrading arts facilities and infrastructure, and promoting Kenya as a top film-making destination.

The Talanta Hela initiative is a bold step by the Kenyan government to support the growth of the country’s sports and creative economy, create employment opportunities, and position Kenya as a destination of choice for sports tourism and film-making.

Sources: NTV Kenya



Celebrating the drive, spirit and diversity of the woman filmmaker, the WOMEN IN FILM AWARDS is back for it’s 4th Edition

This year’s edition is set out to appreciate Character, Courage and Commitment of women in the Film Industry

Here are this year’s Women In Film Awards 4th Edition Nominees;


  • Amalie Choppeta
  • Auudi Rowa
  • Maureen Koech
  • Mumbi Maina
  • Nyokabi Macharia
  • Shirleen Wangari


  • Apondi Olielo
  • Foi Wambui
  • Jane Madivan
  • Makena Kahuha
  • Mercy Mueni
  • Minne Kariuki
  • Mwanaasha Johari
  • Nini Wacera
  • Sialo Louisa
  • Wakio Mzenge


  • Abigail Wambui
  • Neema Kawa
  • Shanah Manjeru
  • Stacy Waweru
  • Zawadi Kayo


  • Angela Wamae
  • Jennifer Gatero
  • Joan Kabugu
  • Nancy Wanja
  • Zippi Kimondu


  • Grace Kahaki
  • Harriet Thuku
  • Janet Chumbe
  • Jessica Mwangi
  • June Ndinya


  • Christine Njeri
  • Eve Mwangi
  • Peninarose Njoki (PR)
  • Sarah Gathoni
  • Wanjira Hassan


  • Denise Kibisu
  • Iman Mueke
  • Krysteen Savane
  • Kara Wambui
  • Lynn Wamuyu Kariuki


  • Ivy Kiru
  • Lucy Mwangi
  • Maureen Wanjiku
  • Milicent Ogutu
  • Scolly Cheruto


  • Aseem Sharma
  • Dr. Caroline Njuguna
  • Margaret Wacera
  • Tina Clara
  • Whitney Namwaka


  • Jean Akinyi
  • Glory Kawira
  • Mona Ombogo
  • Veronica Odal Mbaya
  • Wanjeri Gakuru


  • Abigael Arunga
  • Lydia Matata
  • Nelly Ntinyari
  • Mercy Mutisya
  • Shigwan Shiqo


  • AJ Maina
  • Rose Maina
  • Joey Kinyua
  • Michelle Kivuva
  • Samantha Musimbi


  • Carol Wairimu Ngare
  • Hannah Wangari
  • Mariam Said
  • Mkaiwawi Mwakaba
  • Nina Brivian


  • Annete Waiguru
  • Mariam Valcor
  • Temko Lavinda
  • Wakarima Wangui
  • Vigilance Atieno


  • Mary Wanjiku Waweru
  • Lydia Mugure
  • Naddya Oluoch
  • Tracy Muga
  • Anne Kimani


  • Ann Munene
  • Nancy Odhiambo
  • Jennifer Mkilo (Mshy Make-up)
  • Stacey Gichinju
  • Khadija Noor


  • Angela Ciruma
  • Mercy Mwende Kambwei
  • Edwina Ndiba
  • Eddah Wakesho
  • Eunice Rimba


  • Cynthia Abdallah
  • Ayitso Owendi
  • Sheila Kimathi
  • Caroline Ngunjiri
  • Emily Wanja


  • Chebet Rono
  • Esther Kazungu
  • Eve Mungai
  • Joy Kendi
  • Mammito Eunice


  • Mwende Renata
  • Kidawa Juma
  • Monicah Mugo
  • Fiona Tande
  • Michelle Donde


  • Fabby Grace
  • Harriet Thuku
  • Sandra Apondi
  • Scola Thitai
  • Tracy Njambi

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Congratulations to all the Nominees and best of luck

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