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Historia Filmz managed to put out a home comedy that can keep its audience entertained to the end.

The title Bargain Bride prepares you for some bridal drama. The movie has been written and directed by Alexandros Konstantaras (House of Lungula) and produced by Lizz Njagah (Jane and Abel). The Movie follows the story of a middle aged man, Cornelius, Gerald Langiri (Fundimentals), who wishes to get married to his long-time girlfriend, Nekoye, Stephanie Muchiri (Paa). However, their parents’ dying wish was that his sister, Conjestina, Gerald Langiri, get married first. Cornelius spends most of his time trying to find Conjestina a husband with the help of Muga, Andrew Muthure (Mother in Law), his friend and colleague. They are very unsuccessful and Conjestina finds her one true love without the help of anyone.

As an M-NET original, Bargain Bride was commissioned recently among others as the channel was very new. Historia Filmz had to work with a very tight budget. I may not know the exact number or the estimate but most of it was pulling in favours especially in terms of locations. A very modern setting in the city shot on location in Kileleshwa and the Kenya Film Commission offices that are always available to film makers on weekends for filming purposes. You could say this is one way that the government supports local film makers.

Bargain Bride is a comedy and does try to achieve that aspect in the story, especially since Cornelius loses everything trying to get something for someone else. I would rather talk about the style that was used to achieve the identical twins. Cloning has been used by the excellent skills of one, Maureen Kareithi since the roles of Cornelius and Conjestina have been played by Veteran actor and casting director, Gerald Langiri.

Comedy requires at least some warmth in the mood and what Sebastian Kibocha and Kiama Kariuki have done in terms of lighting and cinematography is instrumental in giving the audience a homey feeling. That accompanied by the set design contributes to the overall look and feel of the film.

With the Limitation of budget and time, Historia Filmz managed to put out a home comedy that can keep its audience entertained to the end.

You can watch the film on Maisha Magic and Showmax.


Derrick Kinyanjui

Derrick Kinyanjui is a Screen, Stage, Voice Actor and Writer He has featured in acclaimed projects such as the Showmax Hit TV Series COUNTY 49 and the Chemi Chemi Players Stage Play PILATE

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