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Amos ‘Guzman’ Cheruiyot

Amos ‘Guzman’ Cheruiyot

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  • Last Modified: November 4, 2023

@Amos ‘Guzman’ Cheruiyot

Amos ‘Guzman’ Cheruiyot
  • First name : Amos 'Guzman'
  • Last name : Cheruiyot
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Kenya
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  • First name : Amos 'Guzman'
  • Last name : Cheruiyot
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Kenya
Amos ‘Guzman’ Cheruiyot

Amos Cheruiyot, known by his stage name ‘Guzman’, is an avid, multifaceted, and accomplished self-taught multi-award-winning filmmaker with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for innovation. Renowned as a multi-award-winning Film Director and Creative Director, Guzman's talents extend to all aspects of filmmaking, encompassing producing, screenwriting, camera operation, editing, lighting, and sound engineering.


With a diverse skill set, Guzman excels as a VFX Supervisor, utilizing Houdini and Nuke to bring captivating visual effects to life. As a Film Score Composer, he taps into his musical prowess using Cubase to create evocative soundtracks that enhance storytelling. Additionally, Guzman's expertise as an FPV Drone Pilot adds a dynamic perspective to his projects.


Guzman's proficiency as a 3D Modeler using Modo and his expertise as a Film Editor using DaVinci further exemplify his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft. As a skilled Screenwriter, he employs DramaQueen and Final Draft application software to weave engaging narratives that captivate audiences.


Recognized for his outstanding contributions to the film industry, Guzman holds certifications as a dubber, subtitler, and transcriber by the esteemed Kenya Film Commission. His filmmaking debut, the web series film "Campus Diaries" released in 2019, garnered widespread acclaim and marked the beginning of an impressive career trajectory.


Guzman's short film "The Click" secured him the prestigious Foxton Film Awards-Universities Edition in 2021, triumphing under the theme "Security is my responsibility." Additionally, his exceptional editing skills were acknowledged when he received the 'Best Editor' award for the short film "Kwani si Kesho?" at the Filamu International Film Festival held at Multimedia University in the same year.


Displaying his versatility, Guzman's talents extend beyond filmmaking. In the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Multimedia and Development Festival 2021, he was honored with the 'Best Photographer' award, showcasing his expertise in conceptual photography. Moreover, his overall victory in the Communication Category at the JKUAT Multimedia and Development Festival 2021 further solidifies his reputation as a visionary in his field.


Guzman's remarkable body of work comprises over 24 films, each a testament to his creative vision and technical prowess. These captivating films can be explored on his YouTube channel, "Guzman Pictures," which serves as a testament to his dedication and relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.


Beyond his contributions to the world of filmmaking, Guzman is a skilled visual artist proficient in graphic design, motion graphic design, and videography. His unique blend of talents enriches his creative projects and underscores his commitment to delivering captivating visual experiences.


In addition to his artistic endeavors, Guzman holds a Bachelor of Science in Statistics (B.Sc. Statistics) from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), graduating on June 28th, 2022. This academic background brings a meticulous analytical perspective to his work, further enhancing his ability to craft impactful narratives and engage audiences on multiple levels.


Amos Cheruiyot continues to push the boundaries of filmmaking through his unwavering passion, exceptional talent, and dedication to innovation. As he forges new paths and explores uncharted territories, his contributions to the film industry and the creative landscape at large serve as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers around the world.

Guzman is known for:

1. What's the Price? (2022) – Writer & Director (Click HERE to View)

2. Desperation (2021) – Casting Director (Click HERE to View)

3. The Click (2021) – Co-Writer, Director, & Co-Editor (Click HERE to View)

4. Rama and Ulia (2021) – Producer (Click HERE to View)

5. Mr. Jeff Must Go (2021) – Cinematographer & Editor (Click HERE to View)

6. Kwani Si Kesho? (2021) – Director (Click HERE to View)

7. Boy Wanted (2021) – Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

8. Homely (2021) – Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

9. Jujamaica (2021) - Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

10. Bad Kiss (2021) – Writer (Click HERE to View)

11. Nairobbery (2020) - Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

12. Tranquilo (2020) - Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

13. Campus Diaries (2019) - Writer, Director, & Producer (Click HERE to View)

14. Bestie Bestie (2023) - Writer, Director, and Producer (Click HERE to View)

15. Unmapped (2022) - Writer, Director, and Producer (Click HERE to View)

16. Bloom (2023) - Producer (Click HERE to View)


  • Amos 'Guzman' Cheruiyot

    Curiosity and innovation is eminent in Amos\' statistics, film, and visual art work. He demonstrates professionalism, diligence, and enthusiasm whenever he is tasked. I am therefore confident to recommend Amos for entities having relevant professional engagement positions. I wish him well in all his future endeavour.

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